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“The 2021 Navajo Nation Agency Job Fairs aim to promote.


Navajo Nation Department of Personnel Management (DPM) Our mission is to provide prompt, courteous, and professional personnel management services to our clients. The Navajo Nation Department of Personnel Management (NNDPM) manages the recruitment process for all of the Executive and Legislative departments of the Navajo Nation Government. .

For more information and resources regarding Navajo Nation employment, please visit the Department of Personnel.

Click here for the Navajo Nation Veterans Preference Form. Search. Navajo Nation Motor Vehicle Operator's Handbook.

The Department of Personnel Management provides services in planning, organizing and administering the human resources management services and programs of the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Navajo Nation government, including but not limited to: recruitment, staffing, classification, compensation, performance management. 50% - 69%.

Office of the President & Vice President (OPVP) Office of the Speaker / 24th Navajo Nation Council.


Jobs. the navajo nation gives preference to eligible and qualified applicants in accordance with the navajo preference in employment act and veterans' preference.

Navajo Area Indian Health Services; Navajo Housing Authority; Navajo Department of Personnel Management; History; Faqs; Division of Finance. Navajo Nation Motor Vehicle Operator's Handbook.

NN Gov't; NN Chapter; Inventory Listing; Delays due to COVID-19: A Message from ONNSFA Navajo Nation COVID-19 Testing Schedule.
Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual: Read more: Navajo Nation Chain of Command Policy:.
Click here for the Navajo Nation Veterans Preference Form.



. 20-VII-005), which Division Directors should refer to for further guidance. NAVAJO NATION DEPARTMENT OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT.

E-mail applications to: apply@dpm. navajo-nsn. navajo-nsn. Navajo Nation Department of Retirement Services will be closed, beginning at 12:00 PM on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, and Thursday, May 11, 2023, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. E-mail applications to: apply@dpm. Harlan Charley: Department Manager II, ISD (928) 871-6462: ihcharley@navajo-nsn.


. Education and Human Services Committee of the Navajo Nation Council at the recommendation of the Division of Human Resources which include the Department of Personnel Management and divisions of the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch.

Department of Personnel Management - Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual; Office of Background Investigations (OBI) Navajo Occupational Health & Safety Administration (NOSHA) Office of Navajo Labor Relations (ONLR) - Navajo Preference in Employment Act (NPEA) Employee Benefits - Health, Dental, Vision, Pharmacy & Life Insurance.



003-2022, Lifting Stage 1 Fire Restrictions for the Navajo Nation.

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